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CID Chlorine intolerance disorder

Sensitivity to Chlorine: Chlorine Allergy

CID or Chlorine Intolerance Disorder effects thousands of people in the UK.  Problems such as eczema, asthma and other skin complaints can arise from chlorine sensitivity.  Many people find that they develop problems when moving from one country to another or even one region to another, this is due to the different types of water treatment used by the main water supplier.  CID is now recognised as a condition that can be treated in a variety of ways.

The founder of Aquatiere, Graham Brebner, established the term CID during his time developing various products in the 1990’s which specifically helped children and young adults with the demanding problems caused by allergic reactions to water, bedding, carpets and other items constantly used within the home.

CID is treatable.  The symptoms can be acute but over time a sensible approach to using correct water filtration, non-allergic bedding, special vacuum cleaners and a variety of other simple methods can change the lives of many sufferers.

To find out more about CID and the possible solutions email Graham Brebner at his personal email address  requesting more information and he will get back to you.  All emails are of course treated with the strictest confidence.

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