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Water Filters & Softeners at Manufacturer Prices

Chlorine shower anyone?

Chlorine shower anyone?

Showering with water that has a high chlorine content can have detrimental effects on your health…

Think of all the times you have gotten out of the pool, hair and body radiating with the scent of chlorine. Now imagine that actually occurring on a daily basis, every time you get out of the shower? Even though you may not smell the chlorine, it is there.

Chlorine is used as a means to eradicate unwanted pests and bacteria in your water source, however, it is responsible for increasing the toxicity of your water.

And nothing screams run like chemically infused water…

Studies have shown that long-term exposure to chlorine in hot showers can cause harmful effects to the skin, hair and overall health.

Mainly because hot water opens up your pores, allowing more exposure to the chlorinated water. Absorption is, therefore, greater, increasing the risk to skin irritants every time you step into the shower after a hard day’s work.

The World Health Organisation has also reported that asthma can be triggered by exposure to chlorinated water. Episodes of dermatitis in the form of eczema can also be a result- as it is associated with exposure to chlorine and hypochlorite.

An increased risk of bladder cancer due to chlorine

An increased risk of bladder cancer appeared to be associated with the consumption of chlorinated tap water. This finding was based on a case–control study of adults who consumed chlorinated or non-chlorinated water for half of their lifetimes.

Consuming and using chlorinated water has been connected to really awful health issues. However, there is no need to panic! There are ways you can solve the chemical shower problem…

The solution to this chemical catastrophe comes in the form of an easy to use, easy to maintain water purifier. Some are specifically designed for shower heads and water systems that can be attached to your drinking water pipes. Others incorporate a whole-house approach, so every tap in your house produces purified water.

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