Water Filters & Softeners at Manufacturer Prices

Water Filters & Softeners at Manufacturer Prices


Ceramet gains worldwide drinking water approval

Ceramet the media used in our range of shower filters has been awarded NSF 42 drinking water safety certificates.  This makes it the first ceramic media of its type to be tested for safety in drinking water use.

Our unique range of shower filters now include a chrome finished deluxe shower handle which is ideal for the modern bathroom.

Ceramet purification

Ceramet purification

Our specially formulated ceramet naturally kills bacteria and produces alkalised, oxidised and energised super water.

Ceramet ceramic media proven to be the best in shower filters

Ceramet granular ceramic media is used in Aquatiere’s range of shower filters, tap filters and whole house filters.  Unlike common medias such as KDF and Granulated activated carbon, Ceramet removes 99% of chlorine in both hot and cold water, it also kills various bacteria including staphylococcus aureas which is known to cause eczema flare ups.  Ceramet also removes 85% of flouride.  Thousands of eczema sufferers have found lasting relief by visiting and discovering whats new in filtration.

What is Aquatiere’s Ceramet?

Aquatiere’s Ceramet™ is a unique blend of differing ceramics combined to target a wider spectrum of problems for water quality improvement. Ceramet radiates with far infrared energy, meaning anything in close contact with ceramet can benefit from its effects, rather like rays from the sun.

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Ceramet transforms tap water into health giving, antioxidant, mineral rich, alkaline water.

Our Ceramet  ceramic media is a water improver.  Ceramet utilizes rare ceramic materials including Tourmaline, magnesium, calcium and potassium to add health promoting qualities to water.

Is Water an Antioxidant?

Ceramet transforms water into a powerful antioxidant that provides protection against reactive oxygen species, also known as free radicals.  The rare ceramics and minerals in our Ceramet ceramic media significantly increase alkalinity, and the increase is not dependent on the level of minerals in the treated water.

Ceramet adds magnesium, potassium and calcium and lowers the ORP (Oxidation Reduction Potential), transforming drinking water into health giving, antioxidant, mineral rich, alkaline water.  Ceramet  treated water has smaller water clusters (51.497 Hz) which hydrate the body up to 3 times more effectively than normal water, helping to increase the absorption of nutrients and minerals.