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Tap Water

Why Do I Need A Water Filter?

Should I Filter my Tap Water? Filtered tap water is better and healthier than standard tap water and bottled water. There are many benefits of  water filtration and water filters. Filtered and purified water tastes better and is safer to drink. There are different filtration technologies show different results and changes. Filtering your water helps

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Health Drink

How Does Water Help Boost Your Immune System?

9 Immune System Benefits of Drinking Water   Water has many positive effects on your immune system, hydration and overall physical health. Does water help the immune system? Drinking water helps strengthen and boost your immune system, especially during the winter with cold and flu season, and the fears brought by Covid-19. Drinking plenty of

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Skin Care

How Does Water Help Your Skin? How Can I Get Healthy Skin?

How to Maintain Healthy Skin and Hair Water has many positive effects on the skin and your overall health. Your skin is the largest organ in the body and prevents fluid loss and regulates your body’s temperature. Drinking more water helps the skin glow more and become healthier. Water can help your skin maintain elasticity

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Water Filter

The Difference Between Filtering and Softening

Householders can experience many problems with their water’s purity and safety. The two systems of filtering and softening are different and designed to address issues with water. It can be hard to distinguish which system is best for you. Understanding the differences is key to choosing what water treatment suits your home. You should also

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Leaves Water

Why Do Plants Need Water? What Are Its Uses?

Water is vital for the survival of plants, and acts as a transportation medium to bring food to the plant. Plants need water, sunlight, warmth and soil to grow, and are the producers of the Earth’s ecosystem. They are also autotrophic and help maintain an environmental balance. Plants produce food through photosynthesis and supply us

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Tap Water

Signs Your Tap Water Might Be Dangerous To Drink

British tap water is mostly safe but some contaminants in your tap water are not visible. Millions of water-quality tests are carried out each year. These ensure that UK mains water is up to standards from the World Health Organisation. Sometimes disinfectant from water companies can create a different taste to your drinking water. However,

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What Is Water Pollution And How Can We Stop It?

Water pollution has a negative impact on our planet, ecosystems and communities, affecting both wealthy and poor countries. Our rivers, lakes, reservoirs and seas contain many chemicals, waste, plastic and pollutants. 80% of the world’s wastewater is left dumped and untreated. This goes back into the environment and this pollutes lakes, rivers and oceans. What

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Gym Water

Why Do Gym-Goers Need Water?

Water helps keep your body hydrated and is responsible for allowing it to function during exercise. It regulates your body temperature and lubricates joints, allowing your body to perform at its highest-level during long exercise periods. If you don’t drink enough fluid, then your physical and mental performance becomes affected. A loss of fluid equal

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Lead Pipes

How To Deal With Lead In Drinking Water

Lead in drinking water can cause problems for your health and damage your body. It can enter drinking water when plumbing materials containing lead corrode. This occurs when the water has high acidity or low mineral content that corrodes pipes and fixtures. The most common sources of lead in drinking water are lead pipes, faucets,

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Birds Water

Why Wildlife Needs Water

Why do Animals Need Water? All animals need water to survive and water sources are essential for allowing wildlife to thrive! Amphibians use water as shelter and for breeding grounds, whereas butterflies find valuable minerals and salts in water. Birds also use water to bathe themselves and to remove parasites. Wildlife also requires water to

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Ceramet purification

What Is It?