Why Wildlife Needs Water

Birds Water

All animals need water to survive and water sources are essential for allowing wildlife to thrive! Amphibians use water as shelter and for breeding grounds, whereas butterflies find valuable minerals and salts in water. Birds also use water to bathe themselves and to remove parasites. Wildlife also requires water to fulfil vital functions. These include […]

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Why is Water Good for Kids?

Children Playing

Water is very important for kids’ overall health and well-being, as well as being part of a well-balanced diet. Staying hydrated can help your kids stay alert and focused and improve cognitive functioning. It can also help keep their bodies at safe and healthy temperatures and help their immune systems. Kids at school should drink […]

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The Medical Uses of Water

Medical Surgeon

Water has many uses as a tool in the medical field, being used to prepare food for medical patients and to sterilise materials for procedures. It plays a very important part in the health care field, being used for washing surgical equipment, as well as for hydrotherapy for patients. Water prevents the risk of infection […]

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The hidden costs of hard water

It has been estimated that consumers in the UK spend an average of £4,454 per person every year on beauty products. Hundreds of moisturisers, shampoos and conditioning products are purchased every day by people looking to add an extra sparkle to their brittle, lifeless hair, or improve the softness of their dry, itchy skin. Each […]

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The Importance of Staying Hydrated to Boost Your Immunity


Stay Healthy, Stay Hydrated At home we high five, we kiss and we hug. Everywhere else, we press shared buttons. We hold public handrails. We accept packages held by delivery people. We’re only human and we lead active social lives. And while we can’t avoid exposure to daily germs, we can arm our bodies and immune […]

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Does Hand Sanitiser Really Work?

hand sanitiser

Pssst! Want to get rid of that pesky virus? Read on! Many hand sanitisers can be used without water and come in conveniently sized travel bottles. This makes them a great and efficient solution to reduce the spread of germs while you’re on the go or are unable to access clean, running water. Although hand […]

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How to Install a Water Softener

If you own a pair of genuine workman’s overall with grease spots, tears and worn patches to prove your DIY pedigree, you can easily install your water filter yourself. If not, then consider hiring a professional plumber for a completely hands-off experience (and everything in between). We won’t judge. In this article, you can find […]

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Best Water Softener: To Salt or Not to Salt?

best water softener

Oh, those stains and watermarks on my glassware! The caking up of my appliances!We are all so familiar with the problems of hard water. and on top of the cosmetics, it costs us money when our appliances are not as efficient. Hard water contains high levels of minerals like calcium and magnesium and can wreak […]

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Why You Need a Home Water Filter System Right Now!

The cells inside your body are engulfed in a fluid that is mostly water and the cells themselves range from 70-80% in water content. Water is the biological instrument on Earth and the proponent of all life forms. You get only one body, best look after it! Your body and its well-being is largely dependent […]

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