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How to Install a Water Softener

If you own a pair of genuine workman’s overall with grease spots, tears and worn patches to prove your DIY pedigree, you can easily install your water filter yourself. If not, then consider hiring a professional plumber for a completely hands-off experience (and everything in between). We won’t judge. In this article, you can find […]

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Best Water Softener: To Salt or Not to Salt?

best water softener

Oh, those stains and watermarks on my glassware! The caking up of my appliances!We are all so familiar with the problems of hard water. and on top of the cosmetics, it costs us money when our appliances are not as efficient. Hard water contains high levels of minerals like calcium and magnesium and can wreak […]

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Why You Need a Home Water Filter System Right Now!

The cells inside your body are engulfed in a fluid that is mostly water and the cells themselves range from 70-80% in water content. Water is the biological instrument on Earth and the proponent of all life forms. You get only one body, best look after it! Your body and its well-being is largely dependent […]

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Watered Down? Think Again!

Water is the absolute best thing you can put in your body! Yet so many of us don’t drink water regularly when there is coffee, tea, soft drinks and beer on … er, tap…. Trying to drink more water every day can seem boring, repetitive and to be fair, torturous. But with a few simple […]

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Why Buying Bottled Water is a Deadly Decision

Why Buying Bottled Water is a Deadly Decision

Bottled water has become a part of everyday life; a whim, a fleeting thought. It’s so convenient after all! But bottled water is not all it’s been chalked up to be. In this article, we will tackle the myths surrounding bottled water and show you why buying bottled water isn’t harmful only to your hard-earned […]

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Aquatiere Healthy Living Tips

Drink Water With up to 60% of the human body being made up of water, there is no way to overstate the importance of good hydration! You are constantly losing water throughout the day, as you move around, as you sleep and even while you sit behind your desk at work. Water is absolutely essential […]

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Why drink Hydrogen Rich Water?

Water that contains hydrogen, has recently been studied by scientists to see how it acts as a health aid. The hydrogen molecules are small enough to pass through cell membranes and researchers believe hydrogen rich water to be safe for daily consumption. Some health professionals now prescribe hydrogen saline injections, hydrogen baths, and hydrogen gas […]

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  As well as working for Aquatiere, I am also the Chairman of a Sunday League football team. As a keen sports fan I am always looking for ways of helping my team gain an edge over our rivals, and fatigue seems to be the biggest factor during matches, even with the high levels of […]

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