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Why Salt-Free Softeners Are The Way To Go

Why Salt-Free Softeners Are The Way To Go As the debate rages on between salt-based and salt-free (saltless) softeners, here are the facts that will hopefully put the matter to rest. To salt or not to salt, that is the question. What is hard water? Hard water is high in dissolved minerals, specifically calcium and magnesium.

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Why Hydrogen Rich Water in your Home?

No matter your lifestyle, the simple act of living places enormous stress on our bodies. Our immune systems are constantly being bombarded by harmful contaminants in our food, air and water. These factors contribute to the build up of free radicals that attack our bodies on a cellular level causing illness, cancer and premature aging. 

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Why drink Hydrogen Rich Water?

Is hydrogen rich water good for you? Water that contains hydrogen, has recently been studied by scientists to see how it acts as a health aid. The hydrogen molecules are small enough to pass through cell membranes and researchers believe hydrogen rich water to be safe for daily consumption. Some health professionals now prescribe hydrogen

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Time to Give up the Bottle

10 reasons why Britain needs to give up the bottle, and why Mother Nature will thank you for it. Typically bottled water retails at up to 500 times more than the price of tap water. Tap water requires less transport costs- Petrol used to transport the water is kept at an environmentally friendly zero. Wouldn’t

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Chlorine shower anyone?

Showering with water that has a high chlorine content can have detrimental effects on your health… Think of all the times you have gotten out of the pool, hair and body radiating with the scent of chlorine. Now imagine that actually occurring on a daily basis, every time you get out of the shower? Even

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Ceramet purification

What Is It?