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Spring Shower Filter

Our Spring Shower filters remove chlorine, reduce scale, kill bacteria and balance the pH of the water to give you the best shower ever.   Ideal for eczema sufferers and people with highlighted hair. Aquatiere’s Inline Spring Shower Filter

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CID Chlorine intolerance disorder

Sensitivity to Chlorine: Chlorine Allergy CID or Chlorine Intolerance Disorder effects thousands of people in the UK.  Problems such as eczema, asthma and other skin complaints can arise from chlorine sensitivity.  Many people find that they develop problems when moving from one country to another or even one region to another, this is due to

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Garden Ponds and blanket weed

People who keep fish including Koi Carp understand the importance of keeping the water healthy.  Many pond filters remove debris and small contaminants but do not deal with the problem created by improving the water quality.  Blanket weed and algae love oxygen rich, clean water.  We at Aquatiere are launching a new pond filter/clarifier.  This

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Chlorine and water and allergies

It is well known that some people suffer from chlorine related allergies such as eczema.  Shower and bath filters remove chlorine from the water helping to reduce the symptoms and eventually improving the condition. Most shower filters use KDF or activated carbon to remove chlorine.  Our super water filters use our own patented media CERAMET. 

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Ceramet purification

What Is It?