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Care for your Car with Filtered Water

Cleaning with filtered water is an easy way to care for your car. Why bother using filtered water you might ask? Well, when it comes to taking care of your car, filtered water can make your life a whole lot easier.

Whether you enjoy the weekend ritual of washing your car or absolutely loathe this chore, choosing the right water source can simplify the process. Using a water filter attachment on your garden hose will upgrade your car care routine without having to splash out on a professional car wash.

Benefits of Cleaning your Car with Filtered Water

Here are just a few ways you can keep your car in tip top condition by using filtered water.

1. Streak-free Finish

Areas with hard water have a high mineral content which is bad news if you want that shiny finish. When you wash your car with hard water, the minerals leave a residue behind. This residue can really show up on the paintwork as streaks and white spots. Softening the water by using water softeners and filters is the perfect way to ensure a flawless finish.

Car wash

2. Quick-dry

After filtering out large concentrations of minerals from the water, it is then possible to leave the car to air-dry. Therefore using a filter is a low maintenance solution to caring for your car.

3. No Harsh Chemicals

As well as filtering out minerals, water filters can reduce the harmful chemicals that find their way into the water supply. These chemicals can corrode sealants and waxes leaving the paintwork exposed.

4. Less Product, More Lather

When washing, hard water does not lather up as well as soft water. Therefore, if you live in hard water areas, you will need to use more car cleaning products to achieve a good lather. Using a water filter will help you save on buying car wash sprays and soaps by using less of the product.

Regardless of whether you are a low maintenance car owner or your vehicle is your pride and joy, you will get a sense of satisfaction from a spotless finish. Team this with minimum effort that goes into switching to filtered water to care for your car, and you’ll never look back. Take a look at our car cleaning super water filter kit and see the benefits for yourself on your next car wash.

If you own a car wash or car valet, installing a water filter could offer your customers a premium service. Chat to one of our experts about how commercial water filter could be a great money saving option for your business.