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hard water does harm hair

Can Hard Water Harm your Hair?

We all know that heat and chemicals damage your hair, but did you know that hard water can harm your hair?

What is Hard Water?

When we describe water as hard or soft, we’re talking about its minerals content. Hard water has a higher concentration of minerals such as calcium and magnesium. Water takes on this quality as it seeps through the soft chalky limestone found in hard water regions. Whilst this might sound like a good thing, helping you reach your daily mineral intake, unfortunately hard water can harm your hair.

Approximately 60% of homes in the UK are supplied with hard water. Hard water areas are mainly found around the central, eastern and southern regions of England. Take a look at this map to see whether your water is hard or soft.

Mineral build up is the reason why hard water can harm your hair. As the minerals are absorbed into the hair strand, they leave behind a residue, which in turn affects the hair texture. The residue also makes it more difficult for moisture to penetrate the hair. Consequently, hard water can leave your hair looking and feeling unhealthy and weak. Here are just some symptoms of hard water hair damage…

Dry hair

Your hair can appear dry when it doesn’t retain enough moisture. This could be due to many reasons such as poor nutrition and hydration, certain health conditions or over styling. However, if you are in tip top health, it may be caused by living in a hard water area. Mineral residue can act as a barrier, preventing moisture from being absorbed into the hair, resulting in a crispy texture and dull appearance.

Fix that Frizz

Frizzy hair that just won’t do as it’s told is a nightmare to style. Whether you go for smooth straight styles or nourished curls, frizz is the enemy. Frizzy hair is caused by either humidity or lack of moisture in the hair. So, if you suffer from dry hair you will likely come across frizz too.

Hard Water and Hair Loss

In extreme cases, a prolonged build-up of minerals and lack of moisture over time can cause hair loss. The mineral residue coating caused by hard water starves the hair of moisture; it then becomes brittle and prone to breakage. The scalp becomes irritated by the mineral build-up too and you may start to experience dandruff.

Irritated scalp

Colour Fade

Whether you head to the salon or use home dye kits, you want your fresh new colour to last. Washing your hair with hard water fade out your hair colour sooner than you would like. Not only does your hair colour lose its vibrancy, it also means that you have to fork out on more salon appointments or box dye.

Make your Hair Products Go Further

Another reason why hard water is not ideal for hair washing is that products don’t lather up sufficiently. The hard water prevents shampoo from producing a lovely rich rather, therefore you need to use more of your pricey hair products to get the same effect. The more shampoo you use the more often you’ll have to pay out for hair products. As a result, hard water can be eating away at your shopping budget.

How Aquatiere Can Help

If you’d rather not pay for bottles upon bottles of hair products to remedy dry, brittle and dull looking hair, Aquatiere have the answer. A long-term solution to the problem is to install a shower filter in your bathroom. It’s not as complicated as it sounds; the shower filter simply fits onto your shower head giving you soft filtered water straight from the tap.

If you would like to reap the many benefits from filtered water for drinking, washing your car and watering your plants, there’s another option. Aquatiere’s whole house water systems, such as our Pureau filter, ensure that you have access to filtered, softened water throughout your home. Want to find out more? Discuss your water filter and softener needs with our experts, they’ll be happy to help.