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Camping Holiday Checklist

Taking your family on a camping holiday this summer? Maybe you’re heading to a festival or simply just exploring the great outdoors. There are bits of kit that make life easier when you’re swapping out the comfort of a hotel bed for a sleeping bag. Foregoing on the luxury items doesn’t mean putting your health at risk though.

Whether you like your old-school camping holidays or are a first time glam-per, a stress-free, happy and healthy trip is the aim of the game. To ensure this, preparation is key! Thinking about how you will carry out day to day tasks safely and easily, such as cooking food and having enough drinkable water to hand, will ensure your trip runs smoothly. We have put together a basic checklist of items that you may like to take with you on your adventures.

Our Camping Holiday Checklist

The Basics

  • A Tent, with tent pegs

Whether it’s a new tent or your trusty old one, take it out beforehand and check it over. So there’ll be no nasty surprises when you pitch up.

  • Sleeping Bags

Choose one that suits the climate you’re heading to, so that you’ll be comfortable, not too warm or cold.

  • Sleeping Mats, Air or Camp Beds

Lift your sleeping bag off the groundsheet to get a better night’s sleep. If you opt for an air bed, remember to bring a foot pump, and a repair kit!

  • Pillows

Bring along pillows from home or choose space saving, inflatable ones. It’s all about recreating home comforts when you are camping outdoors.

  • Torches and Lanterns

Some form of lighting is important for night-time stumbles to the loo. Just don’t forget to pack extra batteries and any charging equipment.

  • Bin Bags

Any forms of plastic bin bag are useful for getting rid of rubbish but also to organise your stuff. Plastic bags will keep your tent clean and tidy and your belongings protected from damp.

  • Toilet Roll

This needs no explanation. Your local shop could be miles away and you don’t want to be caught short.


Camp Kitchen

  • Camping Stove

From cooking meals to making your morning cuppa, camping stoves are an essential bit of kit. Don’t forget to bring along the correct type of fuel though! Matches and a lighter are must have items for your makeshift camp kitchen.

  • Pans, Utensils & Cutlery

No good bringing along a stove if you’ve nothing to cook your food and boil water in. Camping pans and multi-tool utensils are lightweight and perfectly designed for cooking outdoors. Add bowls and mugs to the list too. Gather together any plastic cutlery from takeaways and add them to your camping kit. A tin opener and a bottle opener are handy essentials too.

  • Large Water Carrier

A large water carrier will save you countless trips to the site tap. Having enough water on hand will prevent you from dehydration in hot weather and ensure that hygiene levels don’t slip too.

  • Camper Water Filter

The perfect accessory for your large water carrier is Aquatiere’s Aquarius Camper Water Storage Filter. If you want pure, contaminant free water on the go, this submersible device is a must for your checklist. The filter uses Ceramet technology to prevent bacterial growth and improve taste, odour and remove contaminants such as chlorine and chloramine. You can just pop it into a tank of up to 100 litres with no faffing or plumbing required.

  • Camping Chairs & Table

When the grass is soggy you’ll be grateful to have packed a couple of folding chairs or stools. A lightweight foldable table can be useful for food preparation and mealtimes.


Tools & Repair Kit

Keep these items stored with your tent or in your caravan as they are lifesavers if damage occurs.

  • Mallet – for the pegs in, especially on hard ground
  • Duct Tape – ideal for quick tent and inflatable bed repairs
  • Cleaning Supplies – to help keep your tent clean and tidy during your holiday and when packing away. Your camping equipment will stay in good shape this way.
  • Penknife or multi-tool – useful for any adventure.
  • Extra tent string – add extra guy lines in bad weather to secure the tent or use as a washing line.
  • Travel First Aid Kit – to prevent minor injuries becoming major problems. Add sun cream, anti-bacterial wipes and insect repellent to your first aid kit too.

The checklist is not exhaustive, but these items will help you to have a healthy and happy camping holiday! Download our camping holiday checklist below, with space to make notes and tick off the items you’ve packed away.

Check out our camping water filters, ready for your next trip this summer. If you have any queries, chat to our experts to see which product is best for you and your adventures.