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Boost Plant Growth with Hydrogenated Water

Setting up the right water, air, light and soil conditions are all natural ways to boost plant growth. We are going to focus on the water element and how using the right source can help your plants or crops grow faster, stronger and healthier.

Similar to human beings, plants have nutritional requirements and depend on getting the necessary nutrients to help them thrive. Alongside carbon, hydrogen is one of 17 essential nutrients needed to boost plant growth. By using hydrogen-rich filtered water you will be ensuring that your plants and crops are given nourishment and hydration. Additionally, by filtering water in this way you will be removing harmful toxins and contaminants from your water supply. This is especially important if you are growing organic produce for your family or business.

What is Hydrogenated Water?

Hydrogenated water is pure water which has extra hydrogen molecules bubbled through it. On account of its size, this tiny element can easily pass through cell membranes until it reaches the cell nuclei. Once there, molecular hydrogen works to protect on a cellular level. Hydrogen-rich water has many benefits; not only for your health but for plant and crop growth too.

How can Hydrogenated Water Help Plant Growth?

Hydrogenated Water can boost plant growth in many ways, from root to leaf. Here are a few examples of how watering with hydrogen-rich H2O can lead to strong and healthy plants.

1. Studies have shown that Hydrogenated Water increases seed germination by activating antioxidant enzymes within the seed structure.

2. Crops watered with hydrogen-enriched H2O have shown to be more resistant to drought, unfavourable conditions, toxins, disease and pests, therefore reducing the need for harmful pesticides!

3. Irrigation systems using Hydrogenated Water have encouraged healthy root development and growth, researchers have found.

4. Hydrogenated Water has also preserved the freshness of cut flowers and crops extending their post-harvest ‘shelf-life’.

5. Hydrogen is needed to form sugars and other molecules in order to create glucose for plant energy.

Where can I get access to Hydrogenated Water?

Whatever your growing goals, hydrogen-rich water can help. Aquatiere have Hydrogenated Water filter solutions to suit your needs. For gardeners, allotment owners and even large scale crop farming operations, take a look at Aquatiere’s AquaVort inline vortex filter. The vortex technology spins out toxins and creates active oxygen and molecular hydrogen out of ordinary tap water. Contact us if you have any questions and to discuss your Hydrogenated Water filter solution needs, we’ll be happy to help.


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