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Aquatiere Saltless Water softeners will reduce energy bills

US research shows that installing a water softener in the home can be very effective in reducing energy bills – and with massive price increases from the Big 6 utility companies, now might be the time to talk to your local water softener dealer.

19 October 2011 – All of the ‘Big 6’ energy companies have now raised their prices by an inflation-busting hike of almost 20% for gas and around 10% for electricity. Faced with nearly £200 extra to pay on “dual fuel” household bills, cutting down on consumption has now become an imperative if families are not to face real financial hardship this coming winter.

Recent major independent research conducted in the USA has concluded that water softeners are amongst the ‘very best’ household energy savers. The research was undertaken over 9 months at a cost of over £400,000 and was commissioned by the Water Quality Research Foundation (WQRF) – a not-for-profit association that provides public information about water treatment matters.

In hard water areas the energy savings of a household with a water softener compared to one without were estimated at 10% and may be higher depending on the water hardness in the area. As a consequence of this study, the WQRF is now promoting water softeners as ‘The best energy saving device you can buy’.

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