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Why You Should Add a Water Filter to your Beauty Kit

Water is the key ingredient in many beauty and hair care products, so why spend your hard earned cash on top-quality creams and serums only to use tap water to rinse it all off with.

It’s true that water has many positive effects on skin, hair and your overall health, but choosing the right water source can make a difference. So how can adding a water filter boost your beauty regime?


1. Better tasting H2O

Drinking enough water helps the skin glow and maintain its elasticity. However, if you are one of those people who struggle to drink 8 glasses of water a day, installing a water filter might help you out. Tap water often has an aftertaste that can be off-putting; this is due to the residual chemicals used by water companies to treat the water for harmful bacteria and other organisms. By opting for a water filter, chemicals such as Chlorine can be removed, leaving behind a more palatable glass of water. When your water tastes this good…you may be more tempted to drink up and keep your skin hydrated.

2. Improves skin tone

Drinking more of the good stuff helps flush out the toxins that builds up in the body and increases blood flow giving the skin an even and brighter tone. Without an adequate water intake, our skin appears duller, wrinkles become more visible and pores can clog causing spots and other skin irritations. Proper hydration allows the skin to become plump, improving its elasticity and tone. Drinking filtered water takes it one step further, by ensuring that the water you drink in isn’t adding to the toxins already accumulating in your body.

3. Balances your pH levels

Ideally, healthy skin and hair should be pH balanced to avoid weakening of the hair strands, scalp and skin irritation. Hair has a pH of approximately 3.67 and your skin is around 5.5, both of which are on the acidic side. Chemicals in tap water such as Chlorine are alkaline which can result in a disruption of the pH balance of your skin and hair. By using pH balanced beauty products as well as using a shower water filter can help to maintain the correct pH balance and keep you looking your best.

4. Soothes sensitive skin

Skin conditions such as psoriasis, eczema and acne not only react to chemicals in beauty products but also to water. Hard water sources in particular can cause a mineral build up on the skin, which is bad news for psoriasis, eczema or acne sufferers whose skin barriers are already compromised. Flat, lifeless or rough feeling hair, flaky scalp and dry skin are just some of the effects of using hard water. Water filters and softeners can help to combat the effects of hard water on the skin and hair.


5. Anti-ageing

As you grow older, your body finds it harder to retain water. Therefore, by drinking more water, you are helping your skin stay hydrated. Staying hydrated increases the skins elasticity and minimises the signs of aging such as fine lines and wrinkles.

Hyaluronic Acid is a popular ingredient in many beauty products. HA is a component of your skin’s structure and gives you a healthy, hydrated look. It naturally occurs in the body and can hold up to 1000 times its weight in water. To get the most out of this product ensure that you keep hydrated and apply to freshly washed, damp skin.

Why choose an Aquatiere Water Filter?

Our filters, such as our Mini Submersible Bath Filter 100 Litres, helps babies and adults have noticeable results of healthier skin and softer hair. It reduces symptom flare ups caused by eczema and psoriasis, removing Chlorine and treating bacteria. Chlorine in a bath causes brittle hair, dandruff, dry skin and red irritated eyes, agitating pre-existing eczema or asthma. Our filters help remove Chlorine and kill bacteria (including Staphylococcus aureus). Eczema flare ups are also created by a common bacterium that enters the top layer of the skin. The Ceramet of the media within our bath filter kills this bacterium.

How Aquatiere’s Softeners can help?

Our softeners allow families who suffer from eczema and skin disorders to have a shower or bath without discomfort.  Softeners produce Chlorine free water, which is kind to skin and hair and prevents problems caused by hard water.

Aquatiere’s softeners also help soften hard water; the softness of water helps your skin. Hard water has many negative effects on your hair and skin. Limescale and grease also builds up on your taps from hard water. This build-up also occurs all over the body, clogging up pores and increasing your chance of acne.

Check out our range of water filters, especially useful if you suffer from chronic skin conditions. Our shower filters help reduce development of diseases and eczema risk, preventing skin dryness, aging, peeling and itching. It targets filtration against Chlorine and bacteria, the main factors that cause irritation flare ups on skin. Our shower filters also balance the pH in your shower, giving you the best shower ever! Our under-sink filters also contain patented Ceramet granular ceramic media, proven to help eczema sufferers.


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