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A Water Filter for Compact Living

Compact living can be a challenge but with more and more space saving solutions popping up, it’s amazing what you can do with a small space!

The Advantages to Compact Living

Many people are thinking outside the box when it comes to where they choose to live. A home can now take the form of a customised van, canal boat, storage container home or a bespoke build. There are benefits to compact living, that’s why so many people are turning to alternative spaces to live.

  • Downsizing cuts costs: a reduced mortgage, taxes and bills means that you will fork out a lot less cash for a smaller property.
  • Eco-friendly living: a smaller property is advantageous when the weather turns chilly as less energy is wasted on heating a larger space.
  • Easy to maintain: a smaller home is easier to keep clutter free and involves less overall maintenance.
  • Travel: choosing a home on wheels or even a houseboat gives you the freedom to change your surroundings


The Problems of Compact Living

Whether you are downsizing or are no stranger to compact city living, what you choose to fill your somewhat smaller home with becomes an important issue. Of course there are important pieces of furniture and home appliances you can’t do without. Beds, tables, chairs and storage spaces are all necessary items. The key is making them multifunctional and choosing items that are in proportion with the size of your home. When choosing appliances, the same idea applies. Smaller versions of electrical goods or items that can carry out a multitude of actions are the way to go.

7 Space Saving Solutions for Compact Living

There are ways in which you can make compact living work for you. Try out these space saving hacks to utilise your small home to its fullest:

Multifunctional Appliances: combination products such as washer-dryer machines are perfect way to free up some space in your bathroom or kitchen.

Foldaway Furniture: a dining table is one of those pieces of furniture that we honestly do not use very often. More likely than not, we eat in front of the TV or at the kitchen counter. However, if friends or family come over, you might need the extra table room. A foldaway table is ideal to have in this scenario. Stackable or folding chairs are also a great example of furniture for compact living.

Dividers: downsizing or living in a smaller space often means that one room can have many purposes. You don’t want to spend evening relaxing in your office space so it is a good idea to section areas off. Room dividers can hide away your office from view or partition off a relaxing yoga zone.

Compact Water Filter: under the sink space is useful place to put all those cleaning supplies, pots, pans and kitchen knick knacks. So giving up this space to a bulky under sink water filter is not ideal. Luckily, Aquatiere have developed their most compact filter system yet. The Purest Water filter fits under almost any kitchen sink and the largest model measures in at only 15” x 13” x 12”.

Sleeping Solutions: beds take up a lot of floor space which can cramp up your small home. We are not saying switch to a hammock, but perhaps make your sleeping area multi-purpose. Choose one with built in storage in the frame or an ottoman style lift up bed. Loft beds are another option if you have an all-in-one sleeping and living space such as a studio apartment.

Hook it up: over door hooks, cabinet hooks, fixed coat racks; they’re indispensable when you have a small space. For kitchens you could even fit a pegboard or magnetic knife rack to hold the bits of kitchen kit you use every day.

Shower Storage: if you’re into crafts you could try and customise your shower curtain to give it pockets. A shower curtain with pockets is not only a nifty way to store toiletries; it also keeps them close by. No need to nip out of the shower because you left your razor somewhere, if its stored in the shower curtain.

We hope these space saving solutions have got you thinking of ways to follow your compact living dreams. With simple changes you won’t need to make sacrifices and downgrade your lifestyle. We consider a water filter as a necessary bit of kit if you want to enjoy pure filtered water that holds so many health benefits. That’s why our newest product, Purest Water, is both functional and practical, fitting into the smallest of sink spaces.

If you want to discuss your options with our water filter experts, get in touch. They are only too happy to help you find the most suitable product for your compact living space.