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10 Tips for Watering Your Garden

With summer well on its way, you may be wondering how often and how much should you be watering your garden? If you are a gardening newbie, these questions may well be on your mind. While it’s not overly complicated there are considerations to take into account. Weather is just one of these factors. The UK has been experiencing some glorious weather recently, which is good news for us humans. However, our lawns and veggie plots may begin to suffer if the temperature continues to heat up.

Check out our top tips for watering your garden and keeping your lawn looking lush…

When to water…

By watering your garden in the evening rather than during the day, less water is lost through evaporation. Water can seep through and reach the roots more effectively in the night-time as the soil is cooler. Plants will store up this water in preparation for the next day.

How often…

Watering thoroughly but less often is better for plant life than little and often. A drying out period promotes root development and plant health. Watering once to twice per week is usually enough for flower beds.

Focus on the roots…

Aim to water the roots rather than sprinkling water everywhere. You can encourage water to get to the roots of plants, by burying a flowerpot next to it. Fill the pot with water and eventually this will soak deeper into the soil.

Soggy leaves…

Wetting leaves may result in burn marks caused by sunlight passing through water droplets held by hairs on certain leaves. Soggy leaves can also encourage leaf-mould diseases.

Filtered vs unfiltered water…

Tap water contains chemicals and contaminants that can be harmful to plants. Furthermore, if you have a vegetable patch, using pure filtered water will ensure that none of these impurities will be passed on down the food chain. Getting a garden hose water filter is a great idea if you like your home-grown fruits and veggies organic and as nutritious as they can possibly be. Thinking about getting a water filter for your garden hose? Get in touch with our experts to find out more.

The above guide is just for starters, you should consider the varieties of plants in your garden and their individual needs. Also, find out your garden’s soil type to get a better idea of how to approach watering your plants. Following these tips will ensure your garden will stay lush and green over the summer months.

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