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Customer Questions

Customer Questions

Many people do not like the idea of regularly adding salt to a water softener. Reasons include space for salt storage, regular maintenance, pollution of ground water, they have a septic tank, their boiler manufacturers warranty will be invalid if they fit a salt based softener and they are concerned about ingesting sodium.

There are major benefits after installing a saltless water softening solution.There is no need for salt storage or regular topping up of the brine tank. It will not produce unnecessary pollution which will effect the ground water and river health. A saltless softening solution does not kill the Aerobic bacteria in a septic tank, will not cause corrosion in boilers, and due to a simpler installation it doesn’t require drinking water isolation, electrics or drainage. A major benefit is it produces filtered water throughout the home, increases the efficiency of the heating system and protects plumbing from corrosion and scale build up.

Aquatiere developed its own brand of blended active ceramic media called Ceramet™. The granular media has the ability to remove Flouride and other chemicals including Chlorine, Chloramines, and Nitrates from the water. They also reduce heavy metals including lead, mercury and arsenic. The media also kills waterborne bacteria such as Ecoli, improves taste and odour, increases hydration and produces molecular hydrogen for health.

Ceramet™ is Aquatiere’s proprietary blend of active ceramic media. Is a natural porous ceramic in sphere form. It contains various minerals and metals and is mixed depending on the water treatment required. Both water softening and water filtration is available within the media mixes. The ceramet granular bed acts like a sand filter. Water flows up through the granular media leaving sediment in the bottom of the filter. As the filter matures, the sediment which comprises of natural lime and ceramic powder increases the filtration potential of the Ceramet™ bed. For more information Click Here

In short – YES. Adding molecular hydrogen to water increases its ORP and pH value. Highly alkaline water is proven to have many heath benefits. Good alkaline, antioxidant water filters remove or significantly reduce the heavy metals, hormones, drugs, fluoride, and even some other chemicals from your tap water.

Aquatiere’s Ceramet™ media creates molecular hydrogen by the reaction of magnesium with water. Molecular hydrogen is proven to reduce inflammation and promote better health. The addition of trace amounts of magnesium to the water is also beneficial. Good alkaline, antioxidant water filters remove or significantly reduce the heavy metals, hormones, drugs, fluoride, and even some other chemicals from your tap water.

Aquatiere’s Vortex technology works by passing water through a vortex tube that splits the streams of water that emerge from the other side and collide creating hydrodynamic impact pressure which results in high intensity ultrasound due to pressure variations of cyclic ultrasonic waves in the liquid. This pressure wave causes the membrane surrounding bacteria to break down killing it. 

Aquatiere’s vortex technology can save energy costs. The softer and vibrant water travels easily through the pipework. When entering a pump, the friction on the impeller is reduced improving efficiency and increasing pump life achieving better flow due to friction loss, cutting down on pumping costs. Has zero by-products and reduces your environmental impact.

Using a combination of Ceramet™ and  our unique vortex technology  we create a superior environment to filter and treat the water. Aquatiere’ s  vortex technology is a method of creating a swirl of water within the Aquatiere filter. This moving water covers the surface of the media inside the filter increasing its capacity to treat the water. When used as an addition on the exit pipe from a Aquatiere water filter the water is energised making it kinder to your body.

Traditional water softeners purely rely on ion exchange resin to remove hardness minerals from water. They do not filter anything out of the water, they just add sodium in exchange of the hardness minerals. Our Pureau saltless water softeners use a variety of methods to create filtered, non scaling water throughout the home.

The difference between Salt softening and saltless conditioning

Performance (Guide)
98% Chlorine
98% Chloramines
85% Fluoride
99% E Coli
99% Herbicides
99% Pesticides
99% THMs ECBs TMEs
99% Trihalomethanes
98% Pseudomonas
98% Solvents incl PCBs PAHs
95% Benzene
99% Sediment
Trace Heavy Metals
Aluminium Trace
Arsenic (trace levels often found in tap water)
Lead Trace
Bad Tastes

Our Carbon cartridge in the system  removes a wide range of different contaminants, including steroid estrogens and many estrogenic substances like trihalomethanes.

Yes. Aquatiere has over 20 years of experience with helping individuals ease the unpleasant effects of bathing or showering in tap water. our filters were developed for helping people suffering with skin irritation conditions and should be able to alleviate many of the issues caused by water on sensitive skin, Our shower filters and whole house water filtration systems are used by thousands of happy customers.

Most of our products will help with skin problems. Our shower filters and bath filters provide a point of use solution while our whole house systems offer help at every tap or outlet.

Showering in hard water leaves mineral deposits on your skin that can clog pores and dry out your skin. Your skin may end up feeling dry or scaly, and looking less than its best. Many people are driven to buy a shower filter due to skin complaints such as eczema. However, it is worth considering the amount of chlorine and other chemicals you are inhaling during a hot shower. As chlorine in shower water can create other unpleasant chemicals this might be a good reason to buy one. Inflammatory disease such as psoriasis need to be treated carefully and proactively to avoid flare-ups. One of the best ways to do that is to bathe in filtered water. The careful removal of potentially harmful minerals and chemicals ensures that your skin is protected and safe from irritation.Even healthy skin can become irritated by the addition of chemicals like chlorine to the water supply. Using filtered water is particularly important for anybody who has sensitive skin, including babies, children, and elderly people.

Water filters provide a much more thorough filtration than municipal water providers offer as it travels through a deteriorating network of pipes to your property which can impart pollutants and even lead to your water. Chlorine, Chloramines and Fluoride are added by the suppliers to prevent diseases such as cholera, dysentery, and typhoid and reduce tooth decay. Consuming and bathing in chlorinated water is potentially harmful. Filtering your drinking water can protect you from these harmful contaminants.

Ask yourself these questions. “what is the issue I want to resolve?”“ Is the filter I need for Health , a hard water solution or do I simply want to improve the water quality?”“ Is the filter for a single point of use application or a whole house?“ This will narrow down your search to the relevant product filtration options that best match your requirements. These are categorised on our shop page as linked below.

Whole House Water Filter Solutions

Point of use Drinking Water and Appliance Filters

Commercial Application Filter Solutions

Point of use Drinking Water and Appliance Filters

They produce alkaline, Hydrogen enhanced anti oxydent water which is good for your health. They remove Chlorine, Flouride and many other harmful chemicals. The filters also kill bacteria and remove heavy metals. They are simple to fit, compact design and dedicated to hard and soft water treatments

Our unique ORP Ceramic enriches the water with Molecular Hydrogen, an antioxidant that combats the effects of free radicals, promotes hydration and boosts the body’s immune system and cells.

Water that contains hydrogen, has recently been studied by scientists to see how it acts as a health aid. The hydrogen molecules are small enough to pass through cell membranes and researchers believe hydrogen rich water to be safe for daily consumption. Some health professionals now prescribe hydrogen saline injections, hydrogen baths, and hydrogen gas to inhale.

Health Benefits – Cancer- Dementia -Neurological damage-Heart attacks -Inflammatory disease -Diabetes –Obesity- Bone loss

1. Hydrogen rich water is a potent antioxidant. It can prevent the damage that oxidation does to the cells throughout your body, and it can repair cells that have already been damaged by it, thereby preventing them from becoming free radicals that steal electrons away from their neighbouring cells in the process of trying to repair themselves. Oxidative damage is one of the causes of many health problems, including cancer, early aging, dementia, and other neurological conditions. Damaged cells cannot function as required, which means that no one with a significant amount of oxidative damage can genuinely have energy, mental clarity and good health. After applying hydrogen rich solutions to cancer cells in the laboratory, scientists concluded that they could shrink and suppress the growth of such cells. Many animal studies have concurred, and since some researchers subjected the laboratory animals to no cancer treatment other than the hydrogenated water, it seems as if the inhibitory effect of hydrogen solutions on cancer cells is compelling. Hydrogenated water can be a powerful addition to your existing cancer treatment.

2. Hydrogen water can protect against neurological damage or brain injury, both the type that occurs during surgery, during stroke, and that which occurs over time due to oxidative stress.

3. Many studies have proved that hydrogen rich substances greatly improve the prospects of sufferers of heart failure and heart attacks. Scientists have proved that hydrogen rich substances (primarily hydrogen saline) can prevent cardiovascular damage caused by oxidative stress and/or inflammation, even after serious cardiac events.

4. Hydrogen attacks inflammation. Researchers at the Forsyth Institute in Boston caused inflammatory bowel disease in mice, and proved that a hydrogen solution could relieve the inflammation and prevent it in mice who received it before the attempts to bring the disease about. Other scientists found that it could relieve inflammatory liver disease and lung inflammation, which could be really helpful for asthma sufferers. In fact, when one research team tested hydrogen sulphide on asthmatic rats, they discovered that it did bring about considerable relief. Some experts also discovered that it could slow the progression of rheumatoid arthritis and relieve some of its symptoms. Rheumatoid arthritis is at its core a condition that causes inflammation in the joints.

5. Hydrogen-rich water improves fat and glucose metabolism, even in people with type 2 diabetes and impaired glucose tolerance. In a study on rats, academics also found a definite affect of hydrogen on fatty liver, cholesterol, and obesity.

6. Hydrogenated water supports strong bones and muscles.  Hydrogenated water ensures that your body can maintain the pH of your blood. The blood can without take minerals like calcium and magnesium that are stored in the cells of your bones and muscles to change its pH.  As a result, Hydrogenated water prevents bone loss and osteopenia, which is a condition in which the protein and mineral content of bone tissue is reduced, but less severely than in osteoporosis.

Our Pureau H+ systems promote the growth of seed crystals from the hardness minerals in the water which prevents hard scale deposits forming on the internal pipework. The units use a combination of Redox, electrolysis and Template Assisted Crystalisation. Our Pureau units have a secondary resin treatment bed which removes up to 90% of the mineral content to reduce spotting deposits left from water evaporation on bathroom surfaces.

Yes, our filters have the advantage of not adding salt in the treatment process, but maintain the high level of filtration to produce healthy water which can be delivered to any tap in the home .

No , small item orders will be delivered at the usual delivery time of your postman’s round, UK Royal Mail deliveries 1st class take 1-2 working days, 2nd class take 3-5 working days and overseas Airmail  takes 5-10 working days from dispatch.
Large items being delivered by our designated courier will be delivered by 5.30pm on the next working day from dispatch to mainland Britain. The Scottish Highlands, Isles and Northern Ireland  may take 2 working days, and overseas deliveries between 3-6 working days depending on destination.

We are unable to offer weekend deliveries.
If you think you may be unable to cover the delivery day you may wish to consider the item being left in a safe location on your property where access is easy, or  with a neighbour who will hold the item for you. On the ordering page  there is a special delivery instructions box you can fill to instruct the courier.

Some consignments may be too large to post and unsafe for the postal /courier service to leave, For smaller item orders if your delivery is overdue firstly contact your local postal provider sorting office in case they were unable to deliver, Royal mail sorting offices can be found on their website 
For larger items we use a courier service, If the courier is unable to deliver a calling card is usually left for you to rearrange delivery, if for any reason you have not had any sign of delivery attempt when expected please contact us initially so we can search and track your items progress. If you require further assistance then please Email our team  and briefly explain the reason for contact with your order number and contact details.

Yes, our filters are chosen and developed to assist people with skin conditions by targeting our filtration against chlorine and bacteria , the main factors which cause irritation flare ups on skin.

Yes, there is a dedicated collection of consumables available for the No Scale range in our Cartridges and Refills section of the shop page . We can also offer advice and upgrade options to bring the No Scale filters performance up to match our latest technologies as provided by the Pureau H+ series of filters. Email for details

As a rule of thumb we have a simple calculation based on the number of bathrooms/shower rooms the property has. We consider the plumbing demands for each bathroom/wet room to be 20litres /minute, so  for a 1 bathroom property  you require a 20 litre /minute system, for 2 bathrooms requires a 40litre/minute system and for 3 bathrooms requires a 60litre/minute system (note our Pureau3 H+ will cater for 4 Bathrooms by utilising the 1″ ports)  . If your property has more than 4 bathrooms then the demand can be catered for by  a matched pair of systems running in parallel to meet the demand required.(for example a 6 bathroom property will require a pair of 60 litre/minute units)

Our Pureau H+ range is the favoured choice for residential applications and the No Scale Commercial for small industrial applications such as washrooms .

Our Ecopure deluxe Pro range is the favoured choice for residential applications giving superb quality water for drinking, bathing , and cooking.

The filter media in the main filtration tank creates a micro electrical current during its natural filtration treatment cycle on the water. Unfortunately the current is so strong it  can attract copper IONs from the immediate newly installed copper pipework to the media surface and creates  a barrier which prevents the scale minerals from being treated in the hardness reduction process, making the filter unable to perform as it should. By using non copper pipework on the feed and return it allows sufficient distance between the filter and surrounding copper plumbing and protects the filter from damage.

Flexible PVC pipes such as  “Speedfit” or “Polypipe” with their extensive push fit fittings are ideal for connecting our systems to your existing pipework. Please note a minimum of 100mm of PVC plastic pipe is required either side of the system otherwise the Guarantee will be null and void). For the optimum performance a longer length is required , please see the installation instructions for further details.

The filters can be sited in these locations but the necessary precautions must be taken. If the unit is sited outside it must be installed in a well insulated cabinet protected from freezing temperatures and animals. If installing in a loft space the unit will require a catchment tray underneath the filter with an overflow pipe running to the outside of the property in case of any leaks . Again the system must be protected from any freezing conditions which could damage the vessels.

Yes, however the system can not be used as a stand alone unit. Well water will require pretreatment from systems such as U.V. units and tested and approved fit for consumption by the local water authorities. We also recommend a sediment pre filter is fitted before the unit as well water will have a high particulate content compared to mains supplies from the water authorities, in certain cases special treatment filters may also be required such as nitrate removal where there is a chance of nitrate based agricultural fertilisers entering the ground water that feeds the well .

No, we are purely a manufacturer and distributor of filtration systems. The choice of installer is your to make, we suggest you get a copy of the installation instructions from the websites information sheets attached to the product your interested in and show them to your prospective plumbers, If the plumber has any further questions one of our team can advise regarding the installation. Always get a variety of quotes from different plumbers and if you can check their credentials and reputations, their local plumbers merchants that service the area they operate from will probably have an inclination of their reputation.

Apart from the vertical orientation of the individual filter housings there can be several solutions in fitting, including right angled or U shaped configurations or even mounting the filters in a vertical stack, however always ensure the water flow direction and filter sequence is maintained and that adequate space is given beneath each filter to allow for cartridge changing. Please note we only provide fittings for the standard linear arrangements as shown on the web page, if you are custom installing any additional connections and pipework will have to be sourced by the installer. Please remember the interconnecting plumbing must not be in copper .

Our filters have been developed and sourced to give the best performance within their design criteria. We have worked towards giving a range of shower filters combining excellent water filtration, functionality and style. We have incorporated our Ceramet technology , proven to kill bacteria and remove Chlorine which are major factors in causing skin irritation and aggravation of pre existing skin conditions such as Eczema. Our filters also make the showering experience more invigorating, leaving Hair softer and skin silkier to touch.

Initially we request you fill out and send us a contact form so we may offer further help and advice or open a returns case. (We recommend you read our terms of service).  Once we have reviewed your contact message we will respond with our advice or decision and the next steps available to assist you.

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