Ecopure Deluxe Pro 4 High Capacity Whole House Water Filter System

The Ecopure Pro4 whole house water filter produces great quality water at every tap

  • Great tasting pH balanced water for the whole family
  • Removes flouride, chlorine and unwanted contaminants
  • Designed for the larger home or commercial use
  • 70- Litres min flow rate
  • Filtered water from all the taps around your home
  • Healthy water and peace of mind for all your drinking and bathing needs
  • Free mainland courier delivery
  • Hydrogenating Options Available:

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The Ecopure PRO-4 Whole House Water Filter System is our largest capacity water filter system designed for the larger home or office. The advanced formulation of active-ceramics are highly effective at reducing lime scale and a very wide array of water impurities including toxins, heavy metals, hormones, chlorine and fluoride.

The system uses a unique filtration method, using a patented active ceramics blend of 3 different active ceramics, the first 2 ceramics are chosen to specifically target  the waters impurities giving a wide range to the filtration capability and bacterial control  such as E-coli, Pseudomonas and other micro-organisms. Not only that but the ceramics adds antioxidants and minerals back into the water after filtering and additionally makes water more alkaline by increasing pH value by around 0.5 a point or more (however this could be more or less depending on a number of specific variables including the presence of certain dissolved solids and gases).

The system can is used to produce clean and great tasting water for the whole house (and even the garden – for plants, paddling pools, etc). Very few filters are so effective in reduction of Hormones and Fluoride. One of the most effective filtration systems at killing bacteria, and ensuring a bacteriostatic environment within the filter (NO bacteria, algae or fungi can grow within the filter).

Designed specifically for the larger home or office, this advanced whole house water filter system utilises two filters.

The Pre-filter uses a  large combined 5 Micron  sediment & carbon cartridge which captures  sediment, volatile organic compounds (VOCs),  removes chlorine and improves drinking water quality, taste and odor . Cartridge service life is  12- months, dependant on the water quality and hardness.

The second main treatment filter has a large cartridge filled with a unique blend of 3 active ceramics (Ceramet), service life is usually 3- years or 600,000 litres dependent on your water quality in your area.

Hydrogenating Options Available:

In addition the media hydrogenates , balances the pH of the water and produces far infrared energy to vitalize your body.

Additional information

Weight 24 kg
Dimensions 73 x 49 x 22 cm

Standard, Hydrogenating

Product Features

The Eco-Advantage

This filter uses widely recyclable materials to minimise its carbon footprint, and leaves no environmental impact on the water table after treatment.
At the end of the life of the main  ceramics cartridge, you can re-use the ceramics  in planters / containers as soil drainage, residual treatment from the ceramics will still occur on the soil’s moisture which will improve the general soil condition and help to improve the health of plants  . The plastic  cartridge housing can be put through your normal recycling waste.

Product Features

Proven to help eczema and psoriosis Excellent eczema and psoriasis symptom control
Thousands of people now use our filters to control the symptoms of eczema and psoriasis. Visit our blog to read our happy customers comments.
 Removes chlorine Removes chlorine
Chlorine in a shower can cause brittle hair, dandruff, dry skin, and red irritated eyes. Medical studies also suggest that chlorine can agitate pre-existing eczema or asthma.
 Kills bacteria (including Staphloccocus aureus) Kills bacteria (including Staphylococcus aureus)
Eczema flare ups are created by a common bacteria which enters the top layer of the skin. Ceramet the media within our shower filters kills this bacteria.
 Reduces Scale Controls Scale
Ceramet’s active surface ionizes the water, reducing surface tension and  the effects of hard water on bathers.
 Extends hair colour life Extends hair colour life
Chlorine strips the colour from hair. Our shower filters remove up to 99.9% of chlorine from the water making it kinder on your hair increasing the colour life, softness and shine.
 Contains Ceramet Contains Ceramet
Aquatiere filters contain our own ceramic filter media CERAMET which controls bacteria, reduces scale and enhances pH balance.
 Replacement cartridge Replacement cartridge
Description: Simple to replace cartridge system with a 12 months lifespan Pre-filter and up to a 3 year lifespan Main filter .
 Anti-oxidant Alkali water Anti-oxidant Alkali water
Our filters produce anti-oxidant alkaline water which combats acidity, flushes out toxins whilst restoring your bodies natural electrolyte balance. It also provides active hydrogen and healthy minerals such as Mg, K, Ca, and Na.
 Whole house treatment Whole house treatment
Ecopure make  whole house health water filters which are environmentally friendly and protect you and your family from the contaminants which can enter the water supply
 Great for health and wellbeing Great for health and wellbeing
Our water filters produce non-scaling, mineral enriched, anti oxidant, alkaline water for health and well being.

Performance (Guide)  

  • 98% Chlorine
  • 98% Chloramines
  • 85% Fluoride
  • 99% E Coli
  • 99% Herbicides
  • 99% Pesticides
  • 99% THMs ECBs TMEs
  • 99% Trihalomethanes
  • 98% Pseudomonas
  • 98% Solvents incl PCBs PAHs
  • 95% Benzene
  • 99% Sediment
  • Trace Heavy Metals
  • Aluminium Trace
  • Arsenic (trace levels often found in tap water)
  • Lead Trace
  • Bad Tastes
  • Odours

Our Carbon they remove a wide range of different contaminants, including steroid estrogens and many estrogenic substances like trihalomethanes.


500mm W x 460mm H (inclusive of brackets) x 210mm D (+- 10mm)

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